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Elizabeth George Vancouver

A little about me.

I'm Elizabeth, a growth executive with experience in marketing, revenue strategy, sales, analytics, and corporate planning. I bring success to organizations by integrating marketing and sales. I love bridging the gap between development and communications, ensuring messaging is consistent from the inside out! I take pride in the work I've done for a variety of companies across multiple industries. I like to lead by example, and luckily that's in my initials. Take a look at some of the work I've done.


I’ve been recognized as one of the

Top 15 Marketers in Seattle 2024

After relocating to Seattle in September 2023, I’m stoked to have been included in this list of awesome people. Some of the cool things I’ve done with Statsig is a full San Francisco billboard buy-out, a truly competitive campaign, a recap from Lenny Rachitsky on OOH campaigns, and Yahoo Finance covered how data determines success or failure in tech.


See what I’m bragging about – browse some of my career highlights.


I’ve been building and growing brands since 2009.


Brand Building

Brand Building is primarily about generating awareness and creating a visual voice of your company. Your brand identity is crucial in establishing a company people can recognize and relate to. See More

Revenue Strategy

Revenue strategy can help achieve your growth goals. From start-ups to established companies, I align and lead all revenue-generating departments such as marketing, sales, business operations, and more. See More

Product Marketing

Product Marketing bridges the gap between product management and marketing/communications. I work to justify your business position, planning, defining markets, pricing, and sales enablement. See more

Corporate Planning

I help define a course of action to grow revenue, gain exposure, and strengthen your brand identity. As a part of the executive team, I work to ensure we leverage our advantages and rise above competitors.

Communications Strategy

From investors to clients, a strong communications strategy is critical in clearly stating your company's position. I develop, integrate, and implement PR activities that support the strategic direction.

RevOps/Marketing Ops

To do the right work you need the right tools. For over 15 years I've researched and implemented appropriate RevOps and MarTech tools that will drive and support growth goals. These tools, and their integrations, are integral to success.

I’m thankful for the diverse group of companies I’ve had the opportunity to work with.

2023 - present
Head of Marketing
2021 - 2023
Director of Demand Generation and Growth
Split Software
2020 - 2022
Head of Growth and Brand
WriteWay | Living Sky Technologies
2019 - 2020
Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications and Strategy
Henry Schein | Exan Software
2017 - 2019
Manager, Sales and Marketing
Henry Schein | Exan Software
2015 - 2017
Manager, Sales and Marketing
Intranet Connections
2013 - 2015
Manager, Marketing and Strategic Partnerships
FundRazr | Connection Point Ltd.
2011 - 2013

I’m in good company; see what my talented co-workers have to say.

Robert TuckerDirector, Content and Brand | Split

Elizabeth is a marketing powerhouse. Her skillset is like a Swiss Army knife. While her speciality is in demand gen, she does it all. Outside of her expertise Elizabeth is great to work with. She is a true collaborator whose influence extends throughout the marketing function and beyond. She adds immediate value to any organization she joins.

Bethany FooteCTO | Henry Schein

I really appreciated Elizabeth's support with our enterprise/B2B customers; making sure we were communicating clearly and aligning on our product direction and roadmap. The improvements to our marketing provided a much better experience for existing and potential customers looking for information. I value Elizabeth's drive and focus.

Aaron BallewCMO | Split.io

Elizabeth was charged with developing and executing campaigns to attract and capture qualified leads through digital marketing, content, and advertising. She continuously enhanced her knowledge and skills and her expertise is also confirmed by the fact that she created a competitive landscape for our product and brand.

Daryl HattonFounder and CEO | FundRazr

I'm a hands-off leader so I appreciated Elizabeth's maturity to identify problems and tackle them without requiring encouragement or even authorization. Elizabeth understands the value of content marketing in shaping the brand and driving visibility. She has a solid understanding of the digital marketing model that make B2C revenue pipelines viable.

Melissa Del MonteDigital Marketing | ICThrive

Elizabeth brought success to the marketing and sales team with her forward thinking attitude and new ideas. Elizabeth encouraged me to hone my skills in different areas, giving me ample opportunity to learn and take on more. Given the opportunity, I would gladly work with Elizabeth again and recommend her as a valuable addition to your management team.

John GoodallCo-Founder | ChattBack

Elizabeth played a fundamental role in building sales and marketing infrastructure at ChattBack. She was responsible for bootstrapping ChattBack from a pre-revenue start-up into an established company with growing revenue and client base. She excelled in branding, PR, social media, inbound and outbound marketing/sales, customer relations and more.

Bob WeiManager of Development | Henry Schein

Elizabeth was one of a few sales managers I worked with before who had good knowledge about both sales and marketing. She was customer focused and made great contributions while building a new enterprise sales team, refining marketing channels and maintaining good relationships with customers. Elizabeth will be successful wherever she goes.

Bret ConkinChief Marketing Officer | FundRazr

Elizabeth developed and implemented Partner and Affiliate Programs for FundRazr with professionalism and attention to detail. She excelled at building the customer base, brought leadership, and strong execution to the launch of our B2B solution. Her marketing, account management and sales skills bridged the technical and creative worlds. Well done!

Lloyd SantosCustomer Success Manager | WriteWay

I worked with Elizabeth or "E" for short as we call her in the office as my direct manager at WriteWay. E is an encouraging, supportive, and effective leader. Her vision and leadership is an asset or a must-have for every company that she will be working with! If given a chance to work and collaborate again with her in the future it would be a big "yes!" for me.

Nicole WaldernProduct Analyst | Henry Schein

It's rare to come across a leader like Elizabeth. She leads with transparency and passion for what she does. She makes quick and effective decisions that are always working towards company goals. Elizabeth prioritized product marketing such as market analysis, go-to-market strategy, and facilitating product feedback.

Erica CraigCreative Director | Henry Schein

Elizabeth is she's a force! She is motivated, driven and intelligent. She comes to the table with great ideas and is a very open to collaborate. She has a unique leadership style that is conducive to a creative environment. Simply put, she takes whatever project or team she's working on and makes it better.

Kelsey Van LissumMarketing Intern | Chattback

I interned at ChattBack where Elizabeth was a Jane-of-all-trades as Co-Founder. I owe my professional growth to my time with Elizabeth. She is a dedicated, ambitious and highly skilled mogul. She is knowledgeable on all aspects from marketing and PR to sales and customer relations to social media and creative strategy – Elizabeth really can do it all.


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  • Brand Building
  • Revenue Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Product Marketing
  • Corporate Planning
  • Communications
  • SEO/Content Marketing
  • Sales Enablement