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Promotional Videos

Write the WriteWay

WriteWay encourages users to forget format and create content. From drag and drop content coordination to an integrated idea board, write the way you think.

Switch It On –

Unbreakable code and focus. Split encourages ongoing evolution of the way you release. It’s more than a toggle, it’s an agile shift. So switch it on, with Split.

Consistency of Care – Exan

Consistency of Care is a solution that improves patient outcomes. This product integration bridges the gap between dental and medical patient records.

Consistency of Care

Henry Schein and Exan Software presented Consistency of Care to the dental community as a solution to ensure consistent, positive, patient outcomes.

Case Study Videos

Henry Schein, AT Still

Exan Software, a Henry Schein Company, debuted their academic dental SaaS system at AT Still in Arizona. It was widely adopted from Dean to Students.

ChattBack, The District

ChattBack allows businesses to connect with their clients using anonymous texting, no app downloads required. The District was one of the first to try.

Software Engineer Case Study,

Working effectively and efficiently. Before adoption of Split, releases were painful. Decouple deploy and release with and say goodnight to late nights.

Henry Schein, Stony Brook

Stony Brook Dental School was one of the first universities to go paperless and to go-live with axiUm, Exan Software’s leading academic dental software.

Software Engineer Manager, Case Study,

Get your team into an optimal state, going as fast as they can, with less risk. Speed and safety don’t have to conflict. See how Geoff Rayback gets back to what he loves.

eBooks, WhitePapers, Case Studies

WhitePaper Financial Intranet

At Intranet Connections, we aimed to provide the best intranet software for financial institutions such as banks. Our features were made for banks.

WriteWay End-User Case Study

WriteWay BETA launched to Pilot Partners in 2020. We worked with Pilot Partners for segmentation, case studies, product feedback, usability testing, and more.

Henry Schein, UPenn Case Study

Exan Software, a Henry Schein company, has over 90% of the academic dental market. They partnered with UPenn to promote new product integrations.

Case Study, Amica Intranet Software

Intranet Connections used Account Based Marketing as a part of their content strategy utilizing loyal, happy, clients to create engaging case studies.

WriteWay Feature WhitePaper

What does WriteWay do? We created this Whitepaper to easily identify key features and create a soft-conversions for further nurturing in our pipeline.

WriteWay Easily Distracted eBook

People search based on their problems. This eBook is an example of our content strategy; be the solution they don’t know they’re looking for.

FinServ eBook – How to Scale Adoption helps enterprise FinServ companies everywhere create features that matter for their customers. In this eBook you’ll learn hot to adopt a culture of experimentation.

Forrester – Evolution of Feature Management

This Q&A eBook breaks down an exclusive Forrester interview on the future of feature management and experimentation. Hosted by

Conferences and Events

Exan Summit 2020

Henry Schein’s CEO, Stan Bergman, was the headlining keynote speaker at this event. He believes in the importance of dental health in overall health.

Exan Summit 2019

Summit is one of the leading conferences in the academic dental space, attracting over 400 attendees from 90%+ of the dental schools in North America.

Exan Summit 2018

This was the first of 3 annual conferences I planned for Exan Software. Exan’s enterprise clients have enjoyed a face-to-face collaborative event for over 20 years.

Earls Restaurant

Earls hosted an annual Training Camp event to promote they are the spot to watch sports. Seattle Seahawks players, marching band, cheerleaders, and more!

Seahawks Training Party

Earls Restaurants Training Camp event brought Warren Moon, the Seahawks, and more to an excited group. I coordinated this event and met Warren myself.

FundRazr Wins BCTIA

FundRazr was one of the first crowdfunding platforms and earned recognition from the BCTIA organization as Most Promising Start-Up 2013.

Promotional Materials and Press Coverage

Swag Boxes

Make Media and Influencers SWAG boxes fun! Take it offline. Allow your target market to have a fun experience with your brand in the ‘real-world’.

CTV ChattBack Segment

Do you have a B2C technology that helps improve B2B problems? Alleviate the learning curve for your B2B clients by educating their end-users through PR.

Consistency of Care Coverage

Consistency of Care was a product marketing campaign I developed that is still being marketed in the media to this day. CoC improves patient outcomes.

Sticker Sheets

Know your market – WriteWay targets millennials (both young and old). Our influencers, and users, are nostalgic for something tangible – we delivered.

WriteWay Press Release

WriteWay is a new product entering a heavy market. PR is a great way to find a unique angle and promote your product to the world.

What is WriteWay?

A quick and visual cheat-sheet for media, influencers, and investors to know what WriteWay is all about. It includes quick descriptions and consistent branding.

Living Sky BETAKIT Article

Living Sky Tech was recognized as a tech company to watch in 2021. We share this honour with the likes of Neo Financial, Showbie, and others.